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A sonically danceable and dark electropunk album which solidifies the band’s unique musical style.

Anthemic and energetic. Cult Of Fake is an impressive release, a worthy addition to Angelspit’s sonic arsenal. It deserves a very high rating for its dancability, intricate composition and strikingly unsettling lyrics which show their timeliness in society today. It’s unlikely that existing fans will be disappointed.

Angelspit is set to release their latest full-length studio album,Cult Of Fake, on June 6th, 2016. For the unacquainted, Angelspit is an electropunk group, masterminded by Zoog Von Rock, which hails from Sydney, Australia (the band currently resides in the United States). They’ve been able to muster eighteen releases since their inception in June of 2004.

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angelspit-cof-0500Roxxí Wallace from Brutal Resonance reviews CULT OF FAKE

You can definitely dance to this album, the genius of it lies right there. It’s disarming. Like pop songs that get stuck in your head only for you to find out that the lyrics mean something entirely different than what you thought, Angelspit invades with the promise of having a good time even though these are some of the darkest Angelspit songs ever.
–  Roxxí Wallace, Brutal Resonance

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angelspit-cof-0500Regen Magazine’s Ilker Yücel gives CULT OF FAKE 4.5 Stars

With a greater emphasis on melodic hooks and dance beats, Angelspit continues to forge its own path, sounding like no other band, and managing to infuse a little fun along the way.
–  Ilker Yücel, ReGen Magazine

10 years since the band’s full-length debut, Krankhaus, and Angelspit is still cranking out that signature blend of crunchy electronics with an uncompromising in-your-face attitude against banality and societal norms. For this sixth album, Zoog Von Rock called upon the fans for what turned out to be a strikingly successful Kickstarter campaign, and given the lyrical content of Cult of Fake, inspired by numerous political conversations held with fans and drawing on their opinions of the world, it’s perhaps the most fan-centric record Angelspit has yet produced. As well, though the previous album featured numerous collaborations, Cult of Fake is predominantly driven by Von Rock’s singular musical vision, incorporating samples and effects originally utilized on the band’s earlier recordings, ensuring that even after 10 years and six albums, Angelspit retains its unique identity.

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Angelspit Live Review from Salt Lake City’s Dark Arts Festival

spit_live-600UNDERGROUND AND UNDERTOW reviews Angelspit live at Salt lake City’s Dark Arts Festival

“From the moment they walked on that stage until when they left it, they owned it.”

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ReGen names “The Product” in top 20 for 2014

angelspit-tp-cover-600ReGen Magazine, Industrial Music’s bible, names Angelspit’s “THE PRODUCT” in their top 20 albums for 2014.

As fervently acerbic as ever and full of all the punk rock energy that has defined the band for over a decade, Angelspit unveiled what was perhaps its most belligerent and most collaborative release to date. Creating its own microcosm of a corporatized world, resulting in an individual model for business and artistic expression, Angelspit is in a class all its own. Never afraid to infuse accessible pop melodies into a caustic blend of industrialized rock and acidic mechanical noise, ZooG Von Rock and his cohorts continue to confront and confound, even taking Angelspit into darker and more disquieting territory with no signs of softening up.”
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ReGen Magazine reviews Angelspit’s “THE PRODUCT”


Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x) gives Angelspit’s recent album “The Product” 4 stars.

“Angelspit’s most collaborative and yet most singular effort yet, with a few pensive moments that along with the band’s usual acerbic bombast make for an enticing and confrontational listen.
Therein lies the irony that, along with the subtle infusion of familiar melodies that take the songs outside of their confrontational and acerbic facades, lends to the album’s power and makes The Product one of the strongest entries in Angelspit’s prolific output.”

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Auxiliary Magazine gives THE PRODUCT 9/10

angelspit-product-cover-sml-DRAFTAuxiliary Magazine’s Rocki Lee sinks her teeth into Angelspit’s album THE PRODUCT


After a decade since their debut album, KRANKHAUS, Angelspit has shown no lull in committing aural violence over the years. With their new release THE PRODUCT, the band showcases new lyrical structures, complex guitar chords, and guest collaborators. However none of this is at the expense of Angelspit’s signature flavor.

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Brutal Resonance eZine reviews ‘The Product’

angelspit-tp-cover-600Steven Gullotta from Brutal Resonance eZine reviews Angelspit’s ‘The Product’

If there is one thing that I can immediately say about Zoog Von Rock, it’s that I admire his dedication to his band. Like many other artists, he’s traveled around the States recording a shit ton of odd sounds (From demolished buildings in Detroit to synthesizers build by UFO hunters in Nevade, go figure) just to get the right noise for his most recent album, The Product. Released back in March, he recruited a bunch of other different artists to help out on the album and add some extra flavor to the overall dish that he’s serving up.

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Review: Angelspit Vs. Nosferatu: An Electric Symphony of Terror

angelspit_vs_nosferatu_exerpt_youtubeTom Kray reviews Angelspit’s live performance of Nosferatu.

Angelspit Vs. Nosferatu is a cerebral experiment in sound and experience. During the show members from Angelspit, I:scintilla and The Gothsicles perform a live soundtrack to the horror classic, Nosferatu.

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Necromag (the hub of hard edged content from the whole spectrum of heavier genres) reviews Angelspit’s latest CD ‘THE PRODUCT’.

“Track after track of accessible, infectious industrial that is altogether danceable, memorable and packed with satisfying scorn.”

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