angelspit-bdb-0250Riccardo Oldenburg from Dark Music World gives Angelspit’s ‘Black Dog Bite’ a close listen.

This band is the full sonic assault…Black Dog Bite is absolutely brutal, independent and sounds unique. This is real art! The new work can be seen and heard. Perfect!

Angelspit – Black Dog Bite (CD-Review)

October 12, 2017 by Riccardo Oldenburg

Angelspit announces a new album, and there’s a new buzz in the form of the 12 track album “Black Dog Bite“, which is released on October 17.2017.
“Satanic Aesthetic” is, of course, the perfect opener. Sexy singing, clever beats, crackling eroticism, wicked darkness, satanic seductive lyrics. Simply as the name suggests: satanic aesthetic! “Ugly Deeds” rumbles up from the bass speakers. It is booming and hissing that it is a real joy. It’s so thematically mean, yet hot!
“Sexy Tragic Muse” is something different. Cooled, distant, at the same time very sexy and mysterious. A very exciting track. The muse was in this case quite exactly the right and very experimenting.
Fast, stomping, stripped, popping, focused – this is how “Great Bank in the Sky” can be described. Very crazy, but just that makes it so good!
Very outspoken “Bang Bang Bang”. Cool electronics, cool beats, branched, ingenious, versatile very special vocal style. Absolutely crazy, cool and unique.
Beware of the “Hidden Knife” – it’s quick, extremely sharp and never misses it’s victims. You will quickly become an addictive. One is gladly the victim to this track.
“Dead Man Talking”. The conversation among dead men seems to be interesting. Suitable for Halloween and sarcastic lyrics, which are also brought over accordingly witty.
“Post Truth Wonderland” is the absolute middle finger for the current time. There is plenty to digest in this old-fashioned fairy-tale with a mean modern streak.
Collapsing Venus” is very rock-electronic. The beat breaks directly into the ears and remains there.
“V is for Voltage” is an instrumental. Slamming volume, electronic, booming, hissing, banging. Finished!
“I, Weapon”. This is the fattest middle finger of the record against virus man! This track shows Angelspit’s proficiency at work – just fantastic!
“Scorpio Machine” is also outstanding. Mystic, Egyptian, mysterious, fascinating, stunningly beautiful. Perfect final piece!

Black Dog Bite LP cover

Black Dog Bite LP cover

What else is there to say about Angelspit? This band is the full sonic assault – nothing for the weak nerves or soft-rinsing music fans. “Black Dog Bite” is absolutely brutal, independent and sounds unique. The constant line-up changes have never hurt ANGELSPIT, ZooG remains dedicated to bringing new ideas. Each track sounds different. This is real art! The new work can be seen and heard. Perfect!

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