It is Angelspit’s desire to inspire you to:

Explore the ideas and dreams that you have and make them real.
Make music and art that is not bound to a genre or scene.
Art is organic, you must let it grow in the direction it chooses.
It is extremely hard to make your art a reality – don’t give up.

“Glamour is made of a substance called ‘incredibly hard fucking work'”
– Zoog Von Rock, Angelspit


Think for yourself.
The overwhelming majority of information forced down our throats is sponsored, fabricated, edited and watered down.
Throw your television away, it is the mass opiate.
Tune your radio to your local community station.
Don’t spend too much time on the web….the internet is the greatest form of “Creative Procrastination”.


Be educated in the decisions that sculpt your world and local area.
Be motivated and vote.
Be prepared to attend protests if required. Learn your rights and do it peacefully.

If you don’t like this world, help change it.

“Money comes and goes. Time just goes – Spend it wisely”
– Zoog Von Rock, Angelspit

You only live once, make it count.