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angelspit-tp-cover-600METALLIVILLE (The UK’s finest Rock and Metal Webzine) gives 10/10 to Angelspit latest album ‘THE PRODUCT’.

“It’s fresh, on-edge, in-your-face and you don’t know what is coming next at all – totally unpredictable baby!”

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Power Play gives Angelspit’s “The Product” 9/10.


Angelspit are unique and one of the most consistently entertaining crossover acts in the world.

“Mixing industrial with rock and punk, utilising home-made electronic instruments and an incredible visual aesthetic to their releases, the music sounds like a riot and the image is nothing short of art.”

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Nataliez World Reviews Angelspit’s “The Product”


Anyway you look at it though, this time around the material is more in-depth rather intense at times, having the guitar work like jiggered chainsaws with its beats, the synths and various other sounds all blended together, into this mayhem of chaos while all the contributors wrap it altogether. In short, “The Product” is a release that rather screams at you with its bouncy excessive beats.

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No Clean Singing Reviews Angelspit’s “The Product”

angelspit-tp-cover-600Those of you familiar with my past writings will be intimately familiar with Angelspit (and my obsession with them), but for the rest of you expecting something more metal, this may not be for you. Angelspit instead create hyper-aggressive industrial/electro-punk music with some of the most twisted lyrics you will ever hear.

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Zware Metalen Reviews Angelspit’s “The Product”


I discovered the Australian duo Angelspit fans of EBM – I asked them for recommendations for metalheads. Angelspit makes a kind of cyberpunk, synthesizers are slain, drum machines and samplers burn tortured as viscous guitars and corruptive beats are added to the mix.

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Valkyrian Music Reviews Angelspit’s “The Product”

angelspit-tp-cover-600“Angelspit has a very unique sound which is incredibly hard to classify. There’s some strong punk-rock elements in there along with some industrial synths as well as raw industrial noise with distorted guitars and vocals. Yet it’s the bizarre vocal style which truly makes these guys stand out.”

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BACKSEAT MAFIA Reviews Angelspit’s “The Product”

Andy Haigh from BACKSEAT MAFIA reviews Angelspit’s “The Product”.
With 13 tracks overall Angelspit’s “The Product” is possibly the best thing they’ve produced and the heavier and weightier material combined with the collaborative nature of its creation has produced an impressive deeply layered opus which you can get lost in.

ISN Radio reviews Angelspit’s “The Product”

Stephanie Davidson from ISN Radio reviews Angelspit’s “The Product”.

The Product is definitely one for fans of the unique Angelspit brand of electro/industrial/cyberpunk/chaos. The lyrics are punchy and brutally awesome in that demented Angelspit way, and I’m already looking forward to the next Angelspit album.”

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Angelspit’s Remix for ‘Our Last Enemy’ gets reviewed

Angelspit recently completed a psychotic killer remix for Sydney band Our Last Enemy. Zoog choose to mutilate their track “Don’t Look Now” – and the reviews are positive!!

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Dallas, TX, The Church, 12/02/2012
“Angelspit seemed to feed off the intensity and anxiousness from the
audience. Tracks like “Toxic Girl,” “100%,” “Maggot” and “Like It, Lick It” sent fans from light bouncing and singing to straight up shoving and screaming.”