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We've launched a PATREON campaign in which we deliver a new song, blipvert/video and live stream approximately each month. This will be our platform to try a "live" and spontaneous way to working - and you get to watch it evolve! There is also an option for monthly merch discounts - as there is A LOT of awesome new stuff coming this year!Angelspit's new album "BLACK DOG BITE" is pure mayhem! Ultra-brutal beats, dirty synths, scathing vocals and cynical lyrics. IT'S TOUGH AS F*CK!

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Trey Spencer from reviews Carbon Beauty




Fourteen AMAZING entries! We whittled them down to 5 finalists – each of them were winners in their own right. The winner was picked because it was different, fast and simple.

Angelspit would like to welcome their new member – an American videographer who goes by the pseudonym “The Liar”. The Liar is a editor/film butcher who is politically and technologically savvy. Expect to see bandwidth burn!

In the winning entry, “The Liar” twists, spins and destroys FUCK THE REVOLUTION. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just a simple kaleidoscope – each shot has been calculated, edited and placed to produce a spiraling frenzy as the song goes into the blender.
“Film is truth 24 times a second. . . And every cut is a lie.”
-Jean Luc Godard.
See the winning video here:

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