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Frostwave Sonic Alienator


Brand: Frostwave (Australia)
Model: Sonic Alienator

This is a Bit Crusher from HELL. You can (analogue) drive the input AND it’s got a built in analogue clone of an MS-20 Filter.
PLUS, you can choose the order in which you debauch the sound. eg: Pre-amp -> Decimator, Decimator -> Pre-amp, or something else which is RANDOM AND DOOOMESQUE (??)
We love it and use it on vocals (“Grind” Blood Death Ivory), guitars (“Vena Cava” Krankhaus), bleeps and lead synths (“Devilicious” Blood Death Ivory).

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Australia has stupid censorship rules governed by a right wing country listened Liberal voting bunch of North Shore conservatives called ARIA.

ARIA stands for the Australian BLAH BLAH BLAH Rancid Infected Anus.

We like to say “FUCK”, so we get a “Level 1″ black and white sticker.

From ARIA’s cock sucking website:

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The art of DIY Musical Instruments must be revived!! This idea started with the salad bowl (refer to Studio Snapshot on Jan 27). We added strings, tuning pegs and an electric fan case for extra rattle.

The strings pass through the electric fan casing and resonate it, making the little white spokes rattle and shimmy. Moving the white electric fan casing bends the pitch of the strings. The strings are fastened to the salad bowl, so all the sounds resonate together resulting in a wonderfully rich twang with lots of glimmering high end. Everything under 250Hz has gets cut out in the mix.

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Angelspit Blipvert #6 – Jupiter 8

Angelspit Blipvert #6 – Jupiter 8

We would be honored if you use this recording of our Roland Jupiter-8 in your music!
This recording remains the intellectual property of Angelspit. If you use it in a track, please credit Angelspit – it’s only fair!

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ANGELSPIT LIVE! TX, NC, VA shows added!

spit_live-600*MORE* Dates have been announced for Angelspit’s new live set and stage show!

With special guests The Gothsicles

June 12th Milwaukee WI - Erosion Fest @ The Miramar Theatre : DETAILS
June 14th Dallas, TX @ The Church : DETAILS 
June 15th Austin TX @ Elysium : DETAILS
June 18th Richmond VA @ Fallout : DETAILS
June 20th Pittsburgh, PA @ 31st St Pub : DETAILS

…more coming!

View all the details here.



Angelspit headlines Erosion Fest

For Immediate Release:
Erosion Fest & Elektrotrash Important Announcement:

Change in Headliner

It is with regret that VAC has to leave Erosion Fest. Bryan inspired this event and we are aware of the reason and we completely understand and support Bryan & VAC.

We are very pleased announce that Australia’s ANGELSPIT will now headline Erosion Fest in Milwaukee on June 12!! We hope that this will continue your support of this event! ZooG has been very generous to take time to come to Milwaukee to keep this event alive along with Caustic, Ego Likeness, Mindless Faith and The Gothsicles and Stoneburner.

It shows that this city is still relevant to the scene and artists worldwide. Let’s make sure they feel that appreciation with your attendance at the show!

Tickets can be purchased at

Or at the venue:

12 June 2015
Erosion Fest @ The Miramar Theatre, Milwaukee WI
The Miramar Theatre
2844 N Oakland Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212
Doors 6.30pm

ANGELSPIT’s gift to DIY Horror Flicks and Noise artists : Shaver


This is a recording of an electric razor being run over a salad bowl. It was recorded with RODE NT-1 mics. The sound was DEBAUCHED through our modular.

Please use this creatively!
Please credit Angelspit, and PLEASE let us know when you upload your completed work – we’d love to link to it!

FORMAT : 24bit, 44kHz, 320 MP3, 3.6Mg



I’ll spend a day building and recording the bass tracks for each song ….although it takes months to actually write a bass that we’re happy with.

The bass for each song is usually made up of 2-6 tracks. They are:

Sub bass: This provides the sub thump. Usually this is the SH101 low and fat. Panned centre.
Main bass: This provides the definition. Usually a single oscillator (sometimes we use 2). Goes through Mooger Fooger, Obermoog Moog filter of EMS clone. Panned centre. Frequencies below 80Hz EQed out. Often have a small amount for FM on the filter.

Stereo Pair #1: These provide the grunt. These come in and out to add dynamics. 2 oscillators each. Through the Diode filters or the Wasp clones. Lots of FM on the filter and often distorted. Panned 60% Left and Right. Frequencies below 150Hz EQed out.

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ANGELSPIT’s gift to DIY Horror Flicks and Noise artists : Modular Bleeps #2


THis is us STILL going stupid on the modular. These are driven by the Doepfer MAQ-16/3 Analogue Sequencer. The timing is adjusted real time…so I have no idea about the tempo….sorry!!

Please use this creatively!
Please credit Angelspit, and PLEASE let us know when you upload your completed work – we’d love to link to it!

FORMAT : 24bit, 44kHz, 320 MP3, 3.5Mg


STUDIO SNAPSHOT : 2 metre high drum machine…!

We’re working on a track that’s a little different. It’s built on a simple drum pattern with 2 bleepy synth sounds. The little bleeps are engineered to sound thin and crispy. The drums are pure analogue and FAT. We’ll be putting trash garage sounding punk guitars over them…we’re aiming for something sparse and rough.

There’s no “bass line”. The bass frequencies are taken up with an enormous analogue kick drum. We’re building the kick, snare, hats and other percussion using the modular.

An Envelope Generator is triggered by the GATE output from the MIDI->CV convertor. This Envelope shapes the oscillator. It’s a spike that falls to a low thud. Using either a Saw, Square or Sine radically alters the sound of the kick. Distort to taste….and we like it tasty!

We will triple stack the kick. We’ll use a distorted Sine wave kick panned centre. This will be fat and thumpy, run through a deadly Filter – most likely the Moog. Two other VCOs (with 120Hz EQed out) are panned hard Left and Right. These have a bit more tops.

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