Recorded on 10/17/17
Recorded by Angelspit
Written by Zoog Von Rock, Angelspit


Ugly Deeds

Lyrics from Angelspit’s album BLACK DOG BITE

Vocals: Zoog Von Rock

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Music and Lyrics by Zoog Von Rock © Angelspit 2017.
ISRC: USB6A1700022
UPC: 720189929823



I have passed though the eye of hate
And reached the enlightened state
I have prayed to the digital gods
Until their gift was delivered same day to my door
Gracefully I dance the homicidal ballet
A teaspoon of suicide and honey everyday
I’m a carcass, living, slender framed
My job is keeping pretty people entertained

If you keep dancing like a piece of meat
They’ll keep treating you like an object
And when you’re tired of being milked
Remember you demanded the cow be fat, doped up and Ignorant
You have no voice, and silence equals guilt
Not listening, just waiting for their turn to bitch
I don’t know what it’s like to be dead
But your life don’t matter unless you’re rich

Buckle on the ball gag and be conditioned how to think
resist and be labelled communist, terrorist, child predator, artist….fink
You are the last of the sane in an insane world
Global consciousness is deceased
God bless freedom but free thinking is a crime
First you become electronic, then you get erased

Time to face the horrible truth
Vanity is God, and it’s got needs
Everyone is devout, everything is devoured
While pretty people do the most ugly deeds

Words and Music by Zoog Von Rock © 2017.