Recorded on 10/17/17
Recorded by Angelspit
Written by Zoog Von Rock, Angelspit

angelspit-bdb-0250Sexy Tragic Muse

Lyrics from Angelspit’s album BLACK DOG BITE

Vocals: Zoog Von Rock

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Music and Lyrics by Zoog Von Rock © Angelspit 2017.
ISRC: USB6A1700023
UPC: 720189929823



She likes to lie to herself
So she’s gunna lie to you
The guilt, self doubt, more guilt
Piled high coz you like to be used
Shifting the blame with a tisk of the lips
And shoves it in your face
Oh baby please change your ways so you can love me more
Ripping your spine right out of its place

I am the king of the world right now!
Put you on a pedestal soaked with royal blood
I’m king bitch of the world right now!
Got a throne cruel enough for my Sexy Tragic Muse

Late night promises
broken at dawn
Champaign for my real friends,
Real pain for the shams,
The dark side of Gemini
And the decadence of flies
Now the songs have turned bitter
And the bottle has run dry

I don’t need this fire anymore
I don’t need this horror anymore

You are never wrong
You are never wrong
In your self obsessed head
You were never wrong
You were never wrong
always had my back when it’s convenient
I am not your love, You’re my failure
The guilt, the guilt, the guilt
Stop taking it out on me

Words and Music by Zoog Von Rock © 2017.