Recorded on 10/17/17
Recorded by Angelspit
Written by Zoog Von Rock, Angelspit

angelspit-bdb-0250Satanic Aesthetic

Lyrics from Angelspit’s album BLACK DOG BITE

Vocals: Zoog Von Rock

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Music and Lyrics by Zoog Von Rock © Angelspit 2017.
ISRC: USB6A1700021
UPC: 720189929823



Do not befriend your food
You’re a monster, and need them for fuel
Accident and error burn the future
Its either my genius at leading or your genius at following
This city is bad in bed
And I can’t live in a town that won’t bang me death
I’m in an abusive relationship with me
I’m not my close friend…more like a closer enemy.

Who said you can only choose once?
I’m not man, woman, ladyboy, I’m 100% “X”
I want to be the robot you thrust
Tomorrow is burning… fueled by my rotten past
Yes I know who you are but I just don’t care
I was young naive and poisonous
Now I’m experienced determined malicious
Now talk or scream I’m gunna love this!

Too bad tin man, you crushed the flower
This is not infinity, this is suburbia

Hunter, gatherer, button pusher
click click click

You want pain, fame, suck ’em dry
Popular opinion is just cosmetic
Happy as a pig in squalor formaldehyde
Everyone demands the satanic aesthetic

Words and Music by Zoog Von Rock © 2017.