Recorded on 10/17/17
Recorded by Angelspit
Written by Zoog Von Rock, Angelspit

angelspit-bdb-0250Post Truth Wonderland

Lyrics from Angelspit’s album BLACK DOG BITE

Vocals: Zoog Von Rock

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Music and Lyrics by Zoog Von Rock © Angelspit 2017.
ISRC: USB6A1700028
UPC: 720189929823



In the company of wolves in maniac’s clothes
We make a toast to the good reverend Jones
Confusion reigns, united state of despair
Don’t go to sleep if you hate the nightmare

You start here, You end there
In the middle you go absolutely nowhere
Bankrupt of remorse fixated on winning
The emperor was naked from the beginning

Rich brat, with a self righteous crown
Spoon full of hooker piss makes the treason go down
Destroying the world for the sound of applause
Any promise you want, with a bullshit clause

It all goes to hell as the righteous fly in
Let’s be done with the agony, it’s time to sin
You can’t get ahead without going into debt
Thinkin’ is stinkin’ now with a with a nuclear threat

Nothing beats the thrill of the forbidden
I want tension, beautiful attention
Nothing beats the thrill of the forbidden
I want attention,
beautiful jewel of megalomania (c’est moi)
Trade your future for cash, now hand it over
Devouring trash ‘cos you don’t have a choice
Watch it all disappear while you’re sucking off the old boys

Scorpion King
Teach us to cheat
Call this dogma
Freedom of deceit
In a post-truth wonderland

Words and Music by Zoog Von Rock © 2017.