Recorded on 10/17/17
Recorded by Angelspit
Written by Zoog Von Rock, Angelspit

angelspit-bdb-0250Great Bank in the Sky

Lyrics from Angelspit’s album BLACK DOG BITE

Vocals: Zoog Von Rock

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Music and Lyrics by Zoog Von Rock © Angelspit 2017.
ISRC: USB6A1700024
UPC: 720189929823



With razor blade precision and surgical steel
I make a small incision and bleed the angel
The world my oyster I have grown to despise
You thought I said sorry, when i said fuck you, goodbye

My country’s forsaken me for greed
It killed god, all my friends, now it’s coming after me
Once a pretty dancing robot, made of meat
Now i’m poisonous, chocolate covered severed like a treat
Let’s give out colonics to everyone on the list
Tied to the chair and I’m your psycho dentist
Internet outrage, demand thigh gap
Forget healthcare we want videos of cats

Mistaking income for intelligence
Confusing games with war
Those with little are grateful,
And those who have all want more…fuck ’em
Vapid stupidity is getting easier for
Mechanically abused, mentally unchallenged pigs
I am that post-punk forty something asshole
And these are my organic cocoa nibs fuck you

Make money for the great bank in the sky
Make love for the great bank in the sky
Make war for the great bank in the sky
And then you die

My child, pick up your phone…

Words and Music by Zoog Von Rock © 2017.