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October 2014

To accompany Angelspit’s new remix release THE RECALL, Angelspit also introduces THE SUPPLEMENT – a FREE download containing 30 tracks that push it harder, darker and crazier. This is the new blood you need to know about, hand-picked by Zoog Von Rock himself.

“I have been following the careers of many of these bands for years, and I want people to know about them. These bands are pushing a new alternative sound – it is raw, edgy and exciting! Dark alternative music is alive and well – this is the undeniable proof!”
- Zoog Von Rock (Angelspit)

Bands include: 
[SNUFF], 45me, Adrenochrome Skies, Arum, Bleak Star, Damaged Reality, Demura Music, DJ Addambombb, Entropy, Flesh Eating Foundation, Giant Monsters on the Horizon, Girlflesh, Havokk, Invrader, Kryonix, Lilith DX, Man Woman Machine, Mechanical Wonderland, ParaGnosis, Pix-z, Pro Conspiracy, Psycho Decay, Rhino Assault, Schmerz-Faktor, Spermblaster, The Wave and the Particle, Trapped In Despair and XSRY

THE RECALL and THE SUPPLEMENT releases are available on Angelspit’s new USB SPIT PILL – in which fans can pick and choose which Angelspit releases they want. These releases include previously unavailable photos, interviews, videos, and much more.

 THE SUPPLEMENT also contains discount codes for Angelspit’s Merch Site. Expires December 31, 2014.


>> Download FREE (272Mg ZIP file)
>> More information about USB SPIT PILL
>> More information about THE RECALL
>> Purchase Digital Download of THE RECALL




October 2014

Angelspit are out to prove that alternative music is thriving with THE RECALL – the new 23-track remix album. No genre is safe as the nastiest bands from the underground declare war and obliterate dance floors!

THE RECALL started as a remix competition but turned into a battle ground as EBM, EDM, Trance, IDM, Dubstep, Glitch and Electro Punk went head-to-head to produce a killer release united by the chaotic sounds of Angelspit.

“It’s getting harder for people to find new bands, so we’ve gathered the best new talent together on THE RECALL – You will discover a new favourite band on this!”
- Zoog Von Rock (Angelspit)

Top three remixes came from Beatdrop, Dirt and DJ Addambombb.
Runner-ups were Avarice In Audio, Soulcyber, Dirty Basscore, Spermblaster and Flesh Eating Foundation.

Other bands include:
Temple of Fools, Cell Zero, DroneAsylum, Emptyset, Invrader, Mickle Blvd, Xris SMack! & Ashley Bad, Needle Factory, Noize Level, Rude Quasar, Seraphim System, Spark Chamber and True Fallacy

THE RECALL also comes with THE SUPPLEMENT – 30 tracks that push it harder, darker and crazier – this is the new blood you need to know about!

THE RECALL and THE SUPPLEMENT releases are available on Angelspit’s new USB SPIT PILL – in which fans can pick and choose which Angelspit releases they want. These releases include previously unavailable photos, interviews, videos, and much more.

THE RECALL is available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.



>> More information about USB SPIT PILL
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>> More information about THE SUPPLEMENT (Free Download)


angelspit-tp-cover-600“THE PRODUCT” – Angelspit’s 5th album

13 new tracks.

March 2014



“Mixing industrial with rock and punk, utilising home-made electronic instruments and an incredible visual aesthetic to their releases, the music sounds like a riot and the image is nothing short of art.”
- UK’s Power Play Magazine 
“There are not many bands that keep their edge through their musical growth, but THE PRODUCT proves that Angelspit will always have theirs sharpened.”
- Auxiliary Magazine 

Angelspit’s fifth album “THE PRODUCT” is an anthem to sonic warfare. Thirteen tracks produced by the chaos Imagineer, Zoog Von Rock, to be released March 2014.
THE PRODUCT features digital troublemakers such as Helalyn FlowersChantMiss Ballistic, Alan Labiner, Chris Kling, Teknocracy, Steve Jones (Agent 13) and Adam Newman (Lab4), all centered around Zoog Von Rock’s synthesized mayhem.
THE PRODUCT throws the listener in the middle of all-out sonic war…and leaves you with the feeling that we’re winning. The music is powerful and driving laced with dark and sweet melodies, pounding beats, intelligent and relevant lyrics – with a twist of sarcasm. The musical theme is Lullabies for the Anti Christ – melodies that are sometimes sweet, sometimes manic yet always disturbing – accompanied with raw and brutal music.

“I traveled all over the USA recording everything from abandoned telephone lines in El Paso Texas, to demolished buildings in Detroit, to synthesizers build by UFO hunters in Nevada, to circuit benders in Arizona. This gave the album an massive and driving sound.”
-Zoog Von Rock

Angelspit is releasing several music videos including 2 from award winning directors Keith Jenson (Brainwomb) and Chris Davis (Human Twelve). Many behind-the-scenes documentaries are also being launched.
Once again, Angelspit’s aesthetic concept is equally as iconic as their musical statement. Fierce design and fashion, visually arresting photography and bold typography characterizes the album’s striking artwork making THE PRODUCT dark, horrific and beautifully menacing.

The Product is distributed through Black Pill Red Pill.





as_usalive_2009-400Recorded during Angelspit’s 2009 USA tour with KMFDM 

October 07, 2009.
11 live tracks plus 2 live videos.


  • Grind (Blood Death Ivory)
  • Devilicious (Blood Death Ivory)
  • Kill Kitty (Blood Death Ivory)
  • Channel Hell (Hideous and Perfect)
  • Princess Chaos (Hideous and Perfect)
  • 100% (Krankhaus)
  • Jugular (Blood Death Ivory)
  • Fuck The Revolution (Hideous and Perfect)
  • Ditch The Rest (Hideous and Perfect)
  • Vena Cava (Krankhaus)
  • Maggot (Nurse Grenade)
    ‘Grind’ Live music video
    ‘Princess Chaos’ Live music video

Purchase Downloads
>> Purchase ANGELSPIT LIVE 2009 MP3 Album




nurse_grenade-400Nurse Grenade
Angelspit’s first release.

Originally released October 2004. Remastered 2007

A Riot grrrl with a vocoder and a cyberpunk with a distortion pedal create a high energy collision of crunching guitars, distorted beats and analogue mayhem.

Angelspit’s ‘Nurse Grenade’ combines elements of Industrial and Electropunk. Six tracks plus 4 bonus tracks of Angelspit remixing other  bands. Zine style CD booklet with transparency artwork.


Nurse Grenade was re-released in January 2007. This new version has been re-mastered and professionally printed.

Energetic, stylised and seething with analogue texture and heat, the web release of cyberpunk duo Angelspit’s EP promises to tear a cruel hole in the face of Sydney gothic/industrial music.” – Sydney Gothic
Angelspit’s latest release ‘Nurse Grenade’ smashes the industrial mould hammering the way into new territory and the future.”  - Peccavis



  • Maggot
  • Fuck Fashion
  • Head Kult
  • Infect
  • Meat
  • Nurse Grenade
  • HeadFuck (Head Kult Remix by Zoog Von Rock)
  • Psychic Vampire(Angelspit Remix of Ikon’s “Psychic Vampire”)
  • I Feel Disease (Angelspit Remix of Angel Theory’s “I Feel Disease”)
  • Shit Fed (Angelspit Remix of Anxiety Whispers’ track “Spoon Fed”)

Preview tracks:


Nurse Grenade Purchase links
>> Nurse Grenade physical CD
>> Purchase Nurse Grenade MP3 Album


surgically_atoned-au-300Surgically Atoned -  Krankhaus Remix CD

 Shipped with “Krankhaus Special Edition”  30th of January, 2007


  • 100% (110% Fucked Mix) – Combichrist
  • Create Desire – The Mercy Cage
  • Vena Cava – Ego Likeness
  • Make You Sin – Diverje
  • Wreak Havoc – Stromkern
  • Juicy – Tankt
  • Wolf – Angelspit
  • Scars And Stripes – The Process Void
  • Get Even – The Crystalline Effect
  • Dead Letter – Angel Theory
  • 100% – The Tenth Stage
  • A La Mode, A La Mort – Angelspit
  • Elixir – The Tenth Stage
  • Bonus Web tracks:
    - Scars And Stripes – n0nplus [Download Now]
    - Create Desire (Inject Remix) – The Mercy Cage [Download Now]

Check Angelspit’s Last.FM page for previews of these tracks:


Krankhaus: Surgically Atoned Downloads
>> Purchase Krankhaus: Surgically Atoned MP3 Album
>>  Purchase 100% (Combichrist) MP3
>>  Purchase Create Desire (The Mercy Cage Remix) MP3
>>  Purchase Vena Cava (Ego Likeness Remix) MP3
>>  Purchase Make You Sin (Diverje Remix) MP3
>>  Purchase Wreak Havoc (Stromkern Remix) MP3 
>>  Purchase Juicy (Tankt Remix) MP3
>>  Purchase Wolf (Angelspit Remix) MP3
>>  Purchase Scars and Stripes (The Process Void Remix) MP3
>>  Purchase Get Even (The Crystalline Effect Remix) MP3
>>  Purchase Dead Letter (Angel Theory Remix) MP3
>>  Purchase 100% (The Tenth Stage Remix) MP3
>>  Purchase A La Mode, A La Mort (Angelspit Remix) MP3
>>  Purchase Elixer (The Tenth Stage Remix) MP3


Angelspit’s 1st Album

14 tracks of blisteringly fat synths, with angry distorted beats and scathing vocals, which outline themes of horror, medical experimentation and the beautifully grotesque. Krankhaus comes with a sixteen page colour booklet featuring luscious photography and detailed artwork. The music and imagery of Krankhaus is complex, rich and disturbing.

Distinctive, harsh, aggressive, and sexy, Angelspit’s first full length album is an explosion of energy that gets stuck in your head like shrapnel.”  - VIRUS! Magazine  

As thick, powerful and vibrant as Skinny Puppy’s Process. Will be as legendary as well…The Australian Cyberpunk Riot Squad is back with a new gory epic, KRANKHAUS. Slick, slamming and genuinely powerful, we call this the best material we’ve seen this year.”   - THE DOSE  

Overall this is a fantastic debut from a band who have taken their  time wisely (right down to the exquisite artwork) to offer musical malice aforethought…” – Mick Mercer  

Yes – this CD ROCKS, because like on their already discovered debut, Destroyx and ZooG combine harsh and attacking guitar riffs with stomping rhythms patterns which offer a special dedication to distortion effects and male/female vocals standing alone or as a duet. Possible musically relationship can be found somehow to (other Industrial rock bands), but – with any respect to both acts – ANGELSPIT have so much more to offer.”  - Chain D.L.K.’s Marc Tater 


  • A la Mode, A la Mort
  • Vena Cava
  • Elixir
  • 100%
  • Juicy
  • Flesh Stitched onto a Frame
  • Make You Sin
  • Get Even
  • Dead Letter
  • Black Wine
  • Scars and Stripes
  • Create Desire
  • Wolf
  • Wreak Havoc

Preview tracks:


Krankhaus Downloads
>> Purchase Krankhaus MP3 Album
>>  Purchase A La Mode A La Morte MP3
>>  Purchase Vena Cava MP3
>>  Purchase Elixir MP3
>>  Purchase 100% MP3
>>  Purchase Juicy MP3
>>  Purchase Flesh Stitched Onto A Frame MP3
>>  Purchase Make You Sin MP3
>>  Purchase Get Even MP3
>>  Purchase Dead Letter MP3
>>  Purchase Black Wine MP3
>>  Purchase Scars and Stripes MP3
>>  Purchase Create Desire MP3
>>  Purchase Wolf MP3
>>  Purchase Wreak Havoc MP3


bdi_angelspit-300Blood Death Ivory – Angelspit’s 2nd Album

Their incredibly unique sound and attitude remain, but with a slight tweaking of theme and mood. Blood Death Ivory does not disappoint and is sure to tickle Angelspit’s ever growing fan base.  - ReGen Magazine (Trubie Turner)

This is electro-industrial music at its best: this is probably what the new EBM is or should be now. – Chain DLK (Marc Urselli-Schaerer)

This is what electropunk should sound like. Angelspit defines the future musical framework for this genre on Blood Death Ivory. – Gothtronic Webzine (TekNoir)

With their highly acclaimed debut album Krankhaus and their impressive visceral live performances, Angelspit have cemented themselves as being one of the most innovative new industrial bands. With their merciless dual vocal assault, intense electronic mayhem and murderous guitars, Destroyx and Zoog have thrilled and revolted countless audiences globally. Angelspit’s subversive visuals are equally confronting- as their unique brand of vicious fashion and hellish aesthetics influence a new wave of cyber punk music, fashion and art.

Angelspit have returned with a new barrage of ballistic electro punk in their new 11 track album Blood Death Ivory. The album will continue to blow fans away and disgust the status quo, as Angelspit experiment with sonic brutality combined with infectious and chemically sweetened melodies. Their tortured synthesizers, crushing bass and stomping beats get into your head and up to no good. Angelspit’s fierce yet seductive vocals distort beauty with chaos, doing violence to conservativism, apathy and a society fixated with consumerism. With the massive sounding Blood Death Ivory, it’s clear that Angelspit won’t be silenced.

Preview tracks:



  • Grind
  • Paint Hell Red
  • Devilicious
  • Skinny Little Bitch
  • Red
  • Kill Kitty
  • Lust Worthy
  • Shaved Monkey
  • Girl Poison
  • Homo-Machinery
  • Jugular

Blood Death Ivory Downloads
>> Purchase Blood Death Ivory MP3 Album
>> Purchase Grind MP3
>> Purchase Paint Hell Red MP3
>> Purchase Devilicious MP3
>> Purchase Skinny Little Bitch MP3
>> Purchase Red MP3
>> Purchase Kill Kitty MP3
>> Purchase Lust Worthy MP3
>> Purchase Shaved Monkey MP3
>> Purchase Girl Poison MP3
>> Purchase Homo-Machinery MP3
>> Purchase Jugular MP3



‘Blood Death Ivory’ Remix Competition

bdi_rmx_comp-400Black Kingdom Red Kingdom Audio Remix Competition

From April 1st to May 5th 2009, we held a remix competition in which entrants were asked to remix Skinny Little Bitch or Grind from Blood Death Ivory.

We received over 45 entries. Some were top notch, others where experimental dabbling -  but they all made a genuine effort.  These remixes have inspired us to keep searching for the raw sincere and angry sound that ignited our desire to make music in the first place.

We could not pick one winner…so we picked 6 favourite remixes and 9 runner-up remixes.

All 15 tracks are available (full length and free) from our LASTFM page.

Top 6 winning remixes:

Skinny Little Bitch (Thomas Christ – Malicious Remix)

Grind (Thomas Christ – Ground Bone Remix)

Grind (Noir du’Soleil Remix)

Skinny Little Bitch (Ezechiel Remix) (This is pure genius!)

Grind (Studio-X Electro Remix)

Skinny Little Bitch (Skullduggery Remix)


Awesome 9 runner-up remixes:

Skinny Little Bitch (Cell Zero Mix)

Skinny Little Bitch (The Hydra Theory Remix)

Skinny Little Bitch (Spekulus Remix)

Grind (Undercult Remix)

Skinny Little Bitch (Undercult Remix)

Skinny Little Bitch (Harpsichoid Remix)

Skinny Little Bitch (Plastic Masochists Bitch-Fit Remix) 

Grind (Mangadrive Remix)

Skinny Little Bitch (TechnoBears Paw Slap) By Ed Haskins


All 15 tracks are available (full  length and free) from our LASTFM page.


bkrk-CD_cover-300Black Kingdom Red Kingdom
Blood Death Ivory Remix CD

Angelspit’s long awaited Blood Death Ivory Remix album features 13 tracks from leading Electro/Industrial artists.

A great deal of attention has been paid to aesthetics and visual production values which will become the feature of every release from Black Pill Red Pill.

Black Kingdom Red Kingdom includes the remix disc, a CD inset and four 12cm x 65cm panoramic posters. The visual language behind Blood Death Ivory was reinterpreted and remixed within these graphic panoramas. Two of the posters are printed in Angelspit’s signature red and two are printed in black. The CD wallet features deluxe spot UV printing on a matte laminated cardboard.

This release is a visual and musical feast and is sure to satisfy any Angelspit fan.

  • Track Listing:
  •  Kill Kitty (KMFDM Remix)
  • Jugular (Alec Empire Remix)
  • Grind (Ayria Remix)
  • Skinny Little Bitch (Implant Remix)
  • Girl Poison (Ego Likeness Remix)
  • Devilicious (Dave Foreman Remix)
  • Kill Kitty (The Mercy Cage Remix)
  • Skinny Little Bitch (v01d Remix)
  • Girl Poison (I:Scintilla Remix)
  • Devilicious (A Is For Arsenic Remix by Zoog Von Rock)
  • Red (The Erektor Remix)
  • Shaved Monkey (Left Spine Down Remix)
  • Jugular (BAAL Remix)

Black Kingdom Red Kingdom Downloads
>> Purchase Black Kingdom Red Kingdom MP3 Album
>> Purchase Kill Kitty (Kmfdm Remix) MP3
>> Purchase Jugular (Alec Empire Remix) MP3
>> Purchase Grind (Ayria Remix) MP3
>> Purchase Skinny Little Bitch (Implant Remix) MP3
>> Purchase Girl Poison (Ego Likeness Remix) MP3
>> Purchase Devilicious (Dave Foreman Remix) MP3
>> Purchase Kill Kitty (The Mercy Cage Remix) MP3
>> Purchase Skinny Little Bitch (V01D Remix) MP3
>> Purchase Girl Poison (I:Scintilla Remix) MP3
>> Purchase Devilicious (Angelspit) MP3
>> Purchase Red (The Erektor Remix) MP3
>> Purchase Shaved Monkey (Left Spine Down Remix) MP3
>> Purchase Jugular (Baal Remix) MP3

You can now listen to previews of the tracks on Angelspit’s LAST.FM page:


 Includes four 12cm (5″) x 65cm (26″) panoramic posters