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“Black Dog Bite” – Angelspit’s 7th album

12 new tracks. October 17, 2017.
Black Pill Red Pill

Angelspit is a real sonic phenomenon…Brutal and sexy, violent and hot, ‘Black Dog Bite’ is pure sonic dynamite!
Side-Line Magazine
‘Black Dog Bite’ is a powerful and bold album…In essence it is very old school yet experimental, rocky, fresh and above all, very danceable. It is an album that wants to combine unmistakable fun and innovation, with a clear emphasis on fun!
Frank Raasch, Polyprism
This is a strong album. Perhaps Angelspit’s strongest so far…’Black Dog Bite’ shows that Angelspit are serious hitter in the electronic music world and are still innovating with the best of them.
Sean Palfrey, Intravenous Magazine
It’s truly awesome and you get what the label on the album promises…if you like Industrial/Electropunk music in general, then you need to buy the new Angelspit album. We recommend this Industrial/Electropunk masterpiece strongly to you.
– Thomas Frenken, Electrozombies
The album delivers on its promise to be “Tough as F*ck,” remaining true to the band’s aesthetic of electrified industrial sounds and punk/rock individualism, while continuing to incorporate new approaches to avoid stagnation.
Ilker Yücel, ReGen Magazine
This is a way-above-average example of electro-metal done well and is absolutely worth the price of admission.
Stuart Bruce, Chain D.L.K
This band is the full sonic assault…Black Dog Bite is absolutely brutal, independent and sounds unique. This is real art! The new work can be seen and heard. Perfect!
Riccardo Oldenburg, Dark Music World


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Black Dog Bite – Angelspit’s 2017 Album

Remember those days when Angelspit would inspire you to throw your office chair though your monitor? …well those days are back!

Angelspit’s 7th studio album DESTROYS with 12 tracks writhing with classic ultra-brutal beats, machine-gun sampled guitars, massive dirty synths, and scathing vocals clamping down on your ears.

This album is brutal, sexy, and cynical. The music is firmly based in the slamming sound of early 90s cyberpunk with shards of gritty, lo-fi, digitally tortured samples.
Angelspit worked tirelessly for months on the mixes, polishing the details in the layers of distortion, seamlessly merging industrial electro punk and slick production: this is the band’s most highly produced album to date.
Black Dog Bite is sonically dense, well defined, yet harsh and driven.

I want you to see the sonic detail of the razor-blades as they slash you. I want you to hear the sounds
being torn apart, bit crushed, frequency tortured and splintered – as if it’s blood is being splattered.”
– Zoog Von Rock, Angelspit.

The lyrics are personal with a twist of sarcasm – rooted in the difficulties of dealing with political chaos, consumerism, the daily grind, social media, feeling outcast, heartbreak and depression…all delivered with wicked teeth through Angelspit’s harmonic singing and yelling.

Black Dog Bite has the sound and message for a society going through major upheaval.

Black Dog Bite is the first album Angelspit has produced on vinyl. Pressed on 150gram vinyl with heavy splattered black and white pattern. The LP comes with a poster, stickers and a zine.
Also available as MP3 album, 96k FLAC, CD.


Black Dog Bite LP cover

Black Dog Bite LP cover

BLACK DOG BITE is distributed through Black Pill Red Pill.


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PHYSICAL: BPRP15 (UPC: 720189929823)
DIGITAL: BPRP15 (UPC: 720189929823)
LP Vinyl: BPRP15LP (UPC: 4260139010288)


Album Credits:

Concept and Design: Zoog Von Rock; Photography and Hair: Amanda Trumbull; Make-Up: Zoog Von Rock; Fashion: Crisiswear Clothing; Dog Skull: Roberto Massaglia (ARTE STUDIOS); Armor: Jessie Walker.

Music+Lyrics: Zoog Von Rock; Mastering: David Walker @ Stepford Audio Mastering; Angelspit are Matthew Slegel, Kitsu Noir, Zoog Von Rock; Additional Loops: Adam Newman (lab4); Computer Construction: Sean Moriarty and Michael Stults; Sampled Guitars: George Bikos and Graeme Charles Kent; Drum Programming Advisor: Jim Marcus; Modular Synth Pusherman: Ryan Main; Brian Kirby (Sum Zero Inertia), Larry Kleinke; Snuff Towel Recording: Cassie Owens; SVC-350 Vocoder: Seth Larson; E-MU TRAINERS: Trevor Brown, Thomas Horst; VIDEO: Chris Davis (Human Twelve), Keith Jenson (Brainwomb), Mike Mazzotta (Videopunks).

Vinyl Production: Jason Hall, PR: Zak Vaudo; Website : Brian Doody; Jedi Masters: Brent Zuis, Steve Jones; Legal: Paul Medved.

Raphaelle Ziemba, Matt Slegel @ The Dead Room, Darkfox Shadowpaws @ Pawstar, Carley G, Austin Eubanks, Rikimonster Doompony, Planet Damage, Zak Vaudo, Brian Graupner, Lerin Huntley, Brian Doody and Scarlett Nymph @ Sedition Industries, Brent Zuis, Chris Martinez, Patrick Volkmar, Michael Yale, Ilker Yücel @ ReGen, Thomas Frenken @ Electrozombies, Aaron Bilbrey @ Hack and Slash, Shea The Space Cat, Devo Astro-Pup, Voilet, Modici.

John Burgess, Mark Railton, Jamie Duffy.

Angelspit use Doepfer Modular Synthesizers.
Synths maintained by Steve Jones (Agent 13).


A Scarabae, Aaron Hawryluk, Blake Bonafede, Brent Zius, Brian Doviak, Caleb!, Chris M, Damage (Agent 443), Danny Paul, Darkfox Shadowpaws, Daryl Northrop, David Barnett, Diin Fraser, Eileen Kanost, Elissa Parrington, Emily Engel, ephemerion, Eric Samuel, Eric Storm, evilm3w, Fenrox, Garther Edwards, Greg Coyle, Heidi Ruff, Howard Kistler, James P Maxwell, Jouni Lahtinen, Kamy Wakim, Kat Watkins, Kyra, Matt Lindwurm, Michael Schneidewind, Nathan Hays, Norbert Kick FdF, Peter Rabbit, Q-Cat, Reuben Pilkington, Rory (for being awesome!), Sarah Olsen, Skye Pazuchanics, Sven Jansson, The McCarmicGreghaelor’s, The Reverend, Shawn Sexton, Yuri “Recluse” Pavlov.
Alex Weaver, Anthony Unstedy Earthen, Benoit Piette, Chris Carter, Danny Paul, Darkfox Shadowpaws, David Harton, Geoff Durham, Geoff Raye, Kataklizmic Design, Ko de Beer, Matt Lindwurm, May May Graves, Michael Schneidewind, Miranda Boettcher, Olaf and Inga Wesche, Richard Parnaby, Steven Hateley, Sven Jansson, Zech Hawley.

Released through Black Pill Red Pill, 2017. Catalogue number BPRP15

Lorelei Dreaming – ‘Banshee’


5 new tracks plus 11 remixes.

May 1st, 2017

Fierce musical substance and inspiration…modern, versatile, and here to stay
– ReGen Magazine (US)
Lorelei truly is a Banshee and this is one dream you won’t want to wake up from for quite a while.
– In The Mail Today (US)


A five-track EP of more industrial-end EBM that sounds like it’s gone to futurepop and come back to in-your-face noise.
Rocknerd (UK)
It’s pride, passion, and powerful music as a whole full circle if you will…The songs are quite catchy, edgy even, while the vocal chords mixed well with the instrumentals are a solid piece of work.
NataliezWorld (USA)



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Celebrate the Dystopian Future with Lorelei Dreaming’s debut release “Banshee”

Chicago siren Lorelei Dreaming teams up with Angelspit‘s Zoog Von Rock to produce “Banshee” – Lorelei’s debut 5 track EP with 11 bonus remixes.

Lorelei has recorded, played live and recorded with bands such as Angelspit, Velvet Acid Christ, Go Fight and St. Griselda.

“The future is uncertain- but what is certain is that music and dance will continue to be integral to our community in the face of adversity. Now more than ever, we need to celebrate our diversity and come together through dance and music. The grim future never sounded so good!”
– Lorelei 
“We both love Gary Numan, Goldfrapp, Depeche Mode – future pop with a twist of darkness, which we call Dystopian Future Pop. We’re working to create music based around what Laura naturally does, vocals that are a little sultry and ethereal.”
– Zoog Von Rock, Angelspit

The songs of Lorelei Dreaming hinge on mischief, dissent, pushing out ever further, and at times get glibly political.

Lorelei Dreaming’s ‘Banshee’ is distributed through Black Pill Red Pill




  • 06: Volcano (Seeming Remix)
  • 07: Echo Chamber (The Sweetest Condition Remix)
  • 08: Edge of the World (Edge of Arrakis mix by Stoneburner)
  • 09: Parachute of Gold (Blacklight Remix by The Rain Within)
  • 10: Scream With Me (The Dead Room Remix)
  • 11: Volcano (DJ Addambombb Remix)
  • 12: Echo Chamber (Iris Remix)
  • 13: Parachute of Gold (Planetdamage Remix)
  • 14: Edge Of The World (Digital Gnosis Remix)
  • 15: Echo Chamber (Adventu Impar Remix)
  • 16: Scream With Me (Go Fight Remix)


Lorelei Dreaming online:

>> Twitter
>> Facebook
>> Youtube 
>> Sound Cloud 
>> Band Camp
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>> Contact Lorelei (Management and Bookings) : loreleidreamingmusic [at]


“CULT OF FAKE” – Angelspit’s 6th album

12 new tracks. June 6, 2016
Negative Gain Productions

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With each reinvention, the band has managed to stay true to their original sound yet somehow stay ahead of it’s own curve by not changing, yet evolving…I would absolutely recommend this album to anyone with earholes
– Rocki Lee, Auxiliary Magazine

Angelspit finally made a club stomper album. Great musical surprises. Buy this baby now.

Overwhelming, accessible and dancey, while at the same time it shines with sonic complexity and careful craftsmanship.
Sonic Seducer
The album is locked and loaded with dancefloors firmly in its sight. Yet it retains a deceptively complex construction that sees their signature crunchy electropunk style revisit samples used in earlier recordings and working them into a fresher and more modern sound.
Definitely a must have for industrial fans.
– Intravenous Magazine
If you’re a long time Angelspit fan you’re going to LOVE this album!
– Roxxí Wallace, Brutal Resonance 
Angelspit is still cranking out that signature blend of crunchy electronics with an uncompromising in-your-face attitude against banality and societal norms…Cult of Fake is predominantly driven by Von Rock’s singular musical vision, incorporating samples and effects originally utilized on the band’s earlier recordings, ensuring that even after 10 years and six albums, Angelspit retains its unique identity.
– Ilker Yücel, ReGen Magazine 
Anthemic and energetic. Cult of Fake is an impressive release, a worthy addition to Angelspit’s sonic arsenal. It deserves a very high rating for its dancability, intricate composition and strikingly unsettling lyrics which show their timeliness in society today. It’s unlikely that existing fans will be disappointed.
It’s hard to believe that Angelspit has already been going for over 10 years, but with Cult of Fake, it proves that Angelspit is stronger than ever!
Packed with dance floors explosives. If you’re sitting during these songs, then you have to be a reluctant dancer.
– Claudia Mecklenburg, Angelspit’s CULT OF FAKE.
Sometimes it is just cool to know that we are not alone, get fucked up and dance around like the world bows to us. This is the soundtrack to your best days. Pick this record up.
Infrarad Magazine


CULT OF FAKE is Angelspit’s 6th studio album, set to release on June 6, 2016 – the ten year anniversary of Angelspit’s first full length album, KRANKHAUS.

EBM/EDM club-destroying beats smash against Angelspit’s harsh industrial sound on the new 12-track album, crafting a vicious new thumping hybrid, making CULT OF FAKE Angelspit’s first album to focus on dance music.

I’m always pushing Angelspit’s sound to make something more brutal with a punk rock mentality. This time I’ve made CULT OF FAKE with dance music in mind. I’ve applied dance music production to Angelspit’s sound and I believe this is Angelspit’s best album to date – it’s got a harsh industrial skeleton with a smooth skin graft…this will DESTROY!
– Zoog Von Rock, Angelspit. 


CULT OF FAKE is distributed through Negative Gain Productions and Black Pill Red Pill.


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Album Credits:

Composition, Programming and Production: Zoog Von Rock
Produced by: Zak Vaudo, Brian Doody
Released through Negative Gain Productions, 2016
Catalogue number NGP82501

Matt Slegel, Lorelei, AJ Gapsevic, Nick Delavega, George Bikos, Zoog Von Rock

Lorelei, John Freriks, Jim Marcus, Nick Delavega, Kacey Cornell.

Reza Udhin at Cryonica, UK.

Additional Sound Design: AJ Gapsevic, André Mesker, Adam Newman (lab4)
Computer Construction: Sean Moriarty and Micheal Stults
Custom Synthesizer Engineering: Brian Kirby (Sum Zero Inertia),
John Dempsey, Rodney Linderman (Dead Milkman), Larry Kleinke.

Head Wrangler: Trevor Brown; EMAX Modifications and Emuser design:
Julian Higginson; EMAX I Salvation Crew: Thomas Horst, Mike Mazzotta, Aaron Potter; EMAX II: Daniel Lincoln Remler; EMULATOR II: Alan Wilder; EMULATOR IIIXP: BlindManBlake; EMULATOR IV: ChristopherXXX

Website : Brian Doody
Forum Moderator : Luke Engel

THANK YOU: Matt Slegel @ The Dead Room, AJ Gapsevic, Laura Bienz, Eli Vance, Carley G, Tom Kray, Darkfox Shadowpaws @ Pawstar, Brian Graupner, John, Sandy, Bindi, Wade, Etienne, Vander, Tete, Shea The Space Cat. Beth Tallman, Lerin Huntley, Austin Eubanks, Rikimonster Doompony, Chris Martinez, Addam Rea Wolf @ addambombb, Katie @ Rude Quasar, Wyatt @ Cell Zero, Terance and Zachary @ Temple of Fools, André Mesker @ Spermblaster, Brent Zuis, Patrick Volkmar, G-Mart Comics, Brian Doody and Scarlett Nymph @ Sedition Industries, Steve and Donna @ Ego Likeness, Athan Maroulis.

Keith Jenson (Brainwomb)
Chris Davis (Human Twelve)
Mike Mazzotta (Videopunks)

Concept: Zoog Von Rock
Angelspit Skull: Roberto Massaglia
Japanese Translation: Briony Mamo

Photography and Hair: Amanda Trumbull
Make up and Fashion: Zoog Von Rock

PRESS: Zak Vaudo

LEGAL: Paul Medved

ETERNAL ROCK: John Burgess (Spawn), Mark Railton (Resurrection Eve), Jamie Duffy.

Angelspit use STG Soundlabs; Doepfer Modular Synthesizers; Sum Zero Inertia; SONiVOX

Angelspit synths are designed and maintained by Steve Jones (Agent 13) Steve Jones is my Jedi Master.

Digital release through Black Pill Red Pill, 2016. Catalogue number BPRP10



“HARDCORE PONG” – Angelspit Vs The Gothsicles

10 new tracks plus 4 remixes.
Includes “RE:MATCH” – Six bonus remixes!

September 2015

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“Hardcore Schlong sucks the fetid, fermented taint juice out of Fred Phelps’ fucking corpse.”
– Matt, Caustic
“It sounds like a computer having an an aneurysm.”
– Hack, The Grim Life of Hack & Slash 
– Donna, Ego Likeness 
“You fucking suck.”
– Sarah, The Labrynth 
“AngelSHIT and The GothSUCKles make Air Supply look like fucking Metallica.”
– Ridney, The Dead Milkmen 
“It fucking sucks”
– Marco, XP8 

Angelspit and The Gothsicles team up to bring you HARDCORE PONG – a ten track album with four remixes and an emphasis on psychotic, fun club tracks with crazed lyrics about 80s movies and Atari 2600 video games.

PLAY AGAIN? Hit Continue with “RE:MATCH”!
Bonus remix content from ANTONYM, CONTRICKER, CELL ZERO, DIRTYBASSCORE, SPERMBLASTER and PSYENCE FICTION! Only available through Black Pill Red Pill.

Hardcore Pong is distributed through Black Pill Red Pill.



  • 15:\ Code-thulhu (Antonym Remix)
  • 16:\ Let’s Ride (Contricker Remix)
  • 17:\ Excitebyte (Cell Zero Remix)
  • 18:\ Bleeding Heart (Psyence Fiction Remix)
  • 19:\ Let’s Ride (Spermblaster Remix)
  • 20:\ Excitebyte (Dirty Basscore Remix)

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Concept, Design, Music, Lyrics: Brian Graupner and Zoog Von Rock
Production and Mix-down: Zoog Von Rock
Additional Digital Illustration: Walt Watts

Zoog Von Rock, Brian Graupner, Aaron Bilbrey @ The Grim Life Of Hack & Slash, Danny Paul

Matt Slegel @ The Dead Room, Tom Kray, Darkfox Shadowpaws @ Pawstar, Kelly Howlett, Laura Bienz, Howard Scott Warshaw, Carley Giannattasio, Lerin Huntley, Faith Betinis, Eli Vance, Austin Eubanks, Rikimonster Doompony, Addam Rea Wolf @ addambombb, Katie @ Rude Quasar, Terance and Zachary @ Temple of Fools, Dain @ Beatdrop, André @ Spermblaster, Nico @ Antonym, Kate @ Contricker, Wyatt @ Cell Zero, Anthony @ Psyence Fiction, Dirty Basscore, Beth Tallman, Brian Doody and Scarlett Nymph @ Sedition Industries, Brent Zuis, Chris Martinez, Patrick Volkmar, G-Mart Comics, Allan Alcorn, New Wave Coffee, Wormhole Coffee, coffee, and Chicago, Illinois.

MISS BALLISTIC appears on “Pixel Punch” and “Hexadecimal Hero”.
DANNY PAUL appears on “The Ballad of Jacob Lee”.
HACK & SLASH appear on “It’s a Grim Life”.

“15 Seconds of Flame” features appearances by Marco Visconti @ XP8, Rodney Anonymous @ The Dead Milkmen, Sarah Stewart and Mike Wimer @ The Labrynth, Hack the Reaper @ The Grim Life of Hack & Slash, Zachary @ Temple of Fools, Steven Archer and Donna Lynch @ Ego Likeness, Matt Fanale @ Caustic….but not Daniel Myer (because he actually likes us)


Reza Udhin at Cryonica, UK.

Aaron Bilbrey @ The Grim Life Of Hack & Slash, Danny Paul, Marc Byrd, Shifty Dave, Jennifer B, Brent Zius, Skinny Spetsnaz @ Dissolve, Doompony Rikimonster, Sean McKeague, Wing Commander, Mike Dunphy, BRAD_Respawn, Dee Jones, Kimmo Nordstrom, Harald Blahovec, Don Alsafi, Mark Steenbakkers, Anthony DiPietro, Ryan Rasmussen, AgentKaz, Alain Rivest, Jim Jones, Sebastian Neumann, Cameron McCawley, Ryan Cameron-Clark @ 132 Productions, Ben Bis, David Barnett, Emily H, Alana Sophia, Kathy Nichols, Keith Jones, Jonathan Bryce, Tailz, Thomas Smith, Ian Smith, Tiara O’Neal, Zachary F, Cat A. Strophoea, Gordon Feiner, Ryan McIntyre, Andy Kailhofer, Elijah Damien Davis, Sarah Trostle, Geoff Raye, Robert Zasio, Samuel Loucks, Vincent Perry, Jacob Greenberg, Nicole McPherson, Derek Furman, Jeff Miller, Michael Wengler, mickey thompson, Ella LT, Slaine Fullerton, Eric Myers, Joseph Cameron, Kyle A Carrozza, will s, Ryan Holllingsworth, Geoff Durham, Jared A. Sorensen, Yvonne Frenck, Christopher Freed, Danielle Tumbusch, Lac23, SoulEmber, ben bulcock, Masha Gazizova, Birke Knipping, WildCard, Robin Hirsch, Jason “Daki” W, Telyn Roat, Kit Smith, MadMoses, Jürgen “MadMoses” M, Jim Markus, Brie Stokes, Mike Brazier, Jonathan Wisniewski, Amy, Robziel, Brandon Creighton, Richard Hasselt, kenneth andersson, Jonathan Simpson, Anthony Earthen, Klaus Schapp, darkliquid, Michael Wright, Gozer Games, Brian Maull, Michael Thomas Hasenfang, Ryvre Hardrick, Adam, Terance Schmidt, Eric Larsen, Steve Hayes, Brendan Detzner, Katie, Tim Rudzianski, Christian Franco, Derian R Reuss, Audiokite

Computer Construction: Sean Moriarty
Custom Synthesizer Engineering: Brian Kirby (Sum Zero Inertia), John Dempsey, Rodney Linderman (Dead Milkmen), Larry Kleinke.

Head Wrangler: Trevor Brown
EMAX Modifications and Emuser design: Julian Higginson
EMAXI Salvation Crew: Thomas Horst, Mike Mazzotta, Aaron Potter
EMAXII: Daniel Lincoln Remler

LEGAL: Paul Medved

PR: Zak Vaudo

ETERNAL ROCK: John Burgess (Spawn), Mark Railton (Resurrection Eve), Jamie Duffy, Mark Rodham (Ulterior)

Zoog Von Rock uses Doepfer Modular Synthesizers; VOCALIZER from SONiVOX.; Sum Zero Inertia; Gear sourced by Carson McClain (Sweetwater)

Zoog Von Rock’s synths are designed and maintained by Steve Jones (Agent 13)





October 2014

To accompany Angelspit’s new remix release THE RECALL, Angelspit also introduces THE SUPPLEMENT – a FREE download containing 30 tracks that push it harder, darker and crazier. This is the new blood you need to know about, hand-picked by Zoog Von Rock himself.

“I have been following the careers of many of these bands for years, and I want people to know about them. These bands are pushing a new alternative sound – it is raw, edgy and exciting! Dark alternative music is alive and well – this is the undeniable proof!”
– Zoog Von Rock (Angelspit)

Bands include: 
[SNUFF], 45me, Adrenochrome Skies, Arum, Bleak Star, Damaged Reality, Demura Music, DJ Addambombb, Entropy, Flesh Eating Foundation, Giant Monsters on the Horizon, Girlflesh, Havokk, Invrader, Kryonix, Lilith DX, Man Woman Machine, Mechanical Wonderland, ParaGnosis, Pix-z, Pro Conspiracy, Psycho Decay, Rhino Assault, Schmerz-Faktor, Spermblaster, The Wave and the Particle, Trapped In Despair and XSRY

THE RECALL and THE SUPPLEMENT releases are available on Angelspit’s new USB SPIT PILL – in which fans can pick and choose which Angelspit releases they want. These releases include previously unavailable photos, interviews, videos, and much more.

 THE SUPPLEMENT also contains discount codes for Angelspit’s Merch Site. Expires December 31, 2014.


>> Download FREE (272Mg ZIP file)
>> More information about USB SPIT PILL
>> More information about THE RECALL
>> Purchase Digital Download of THE RECALL




October 2014

Angelspit are out to prove that alternative music is thriving with THE RECALL – the new 23-track remix album. No genre is safe as the nastiest bands from the underground declare war and obliterate dance floors!

THE RECALL started as a remix competition but turned into a battle ground as EBM, EDM, Trance, IDM, Dubstep, Glitch and Electro Punk went head-to-head to produce a killer release united by the chaotic sounds of Angelspit.

“It’s getting harder for people to find new bands, so we’ve gathered the best new talent together on THE RECALL – You will discover a new favourite band on this!”
– Zoog Von Rock (Angelspit)

Top three remixes came from Beatdrop, Dirt and DJ Addambombb.
Runner-ups were Avarice In Audio, Soulcyber, Dirty Basscore, Spermblaster and Flesh Eating Foundation.

Other bands include:
Temple of Fools, Cell Zero, DroneAsylum, Emptyset, Invrader, Mickle Blvd, Xris SMack! & Ashley Bad, Needle Factory, Noize Level, Rude Quasar, Seraphim System, Spark Chamber and True Fallacy

THE RECALL also comes with THE SUPPLEMENT – 30 tracks that push it harder, darker and crazier – this is the new blood you need to know about!

THE RECALL and THE SUPPLEMENT releases are available on Angelspit’s new USB SPIT PILL – in which fans can pick and choose which Angelspit releases they want. These releases include previously unavailable photos, interviews, videos, and much more.

THE RECALL is available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.



>> More information about USB SPIT PILL
>> Purchase Digital Download
>> More information about THE SUPPLEMENT (Free Download)


“THE PRODUCT” – Angelspit’s 5th album

13 new tracks. March 2014


>> Purchasing Information
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“Mixing industrial with rock and punk, utilising home-made electronic instruments and an incredible visual aesthetic to their releases, the music sounds like a riot and the image is nothing short of art.”
– UK’s Power Play Magazine 
“There are not many bands that keep their edge through their musical growth, but THE PRODUCT proves that Angelspit will always have theirs sharpened.”
– Auxiliary Magazine 

Angelspit’s fifth album “THE PRODUCT” is an anthem to sonic warfare. Thirteen tracks produced by the chaos Imagineer, Zoog Von Rock, to be released March 2014.
THE PRODUCT features digital troublemakers such as Helalyn FlowersChantMiss Ballistic, Alan Labiner, Chris Kling, Teknocracy, Steve Jones (Agent 13) and Adam Newman (Lab4), all centered around Zoog Von Rock’s synthesized mayhem.
THE PRODUCT throws the listener in the middle of all-out sonic war…and leaves you with the feeling that we’re winning. The music is powerful and driving laced with dark and sweet melodies, pounding beats, intelligent and relevant lyrics – with a twist of sarcasm. The musical theme is Lullabies for the Anti Christ – melodies that are sometimes sweet, sometimes manic yet always disturbing – accompanied with raw and brutal music.

“I traveled all over the USA recording everything from abandoned telephone lines in El Paso Texas, to demolished buildings in Detroit, to synthesizers build by UFO hunters in Nevada, to circuit benders in Arizona. This gave the album an massive and driving sound.”
-Zoog Von Rock

Angelspit is releasing several music videos including 2 from award winning directors Keith Jenson (Brainwomb) and Chris Davis (Human Twelve). Many behind-the-scenes documentaries are also being launched.
Once again, Angelspit’s aesthetic concept is equally as iconic as their musical statement. Fierce design and fashion, visually arresting photography and bold typography characterizes the album’s striking artwork making THE PRODUCT dark, horrific and beautifully menacing.

The Product is distributed through Black Pill Red Pill.


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as_usalive_2009-400Recorded during Angelspit’s 2009 USA tour with KMFDM 

October 07, 2009.
11 live tracks plus 2 live videos.


  • Grind (Blood Death Ivory)
  • Devilicious (Blood Death Ivory)
  • Kill Kitty (Blood Death Ivory)
  • Channel Hell (Hideous and Perfect)
  • Princess Chaos (Hideous and Perfect)
  • 100% (Krankhaus)
  • Jugular (Blood Death Ivory)
  • Fuck The Revolution (Hideous and Perfect)
  • Ditch The Rest (Hideous and Perfect)
  • Vena Cava (Krankhaus)
  • Maggot (Nurse Grenade)
    ‘Grind’ Live music video
    ‘Princess Chaos’ Live music video

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>> Purchase ANGELSPIT LIVE 2009 MP3 Album



nurse_grenade-400Nurse Grenade
Angelspit’s first release.

Originally released October 2004. Remastered 2007

A Riot grrrl with a vocoder and a cyberpunk with a distortion pedal create a high energy collision of crunching guitars, distorted beats and analogue mayhem.

Angelspit’s ‘Nurse Grenade’ combines elements of Industrial and Electropunk. Six tracks plus 4 bonus tracks of Angelspit remixing other  bands. Zine style CD booklet with transparency artwork.


Nurse Grenade was re-released in January 2007. This new version has been re-mastered and professionally printed.

Energetic, stylised and seething with analogue texture and heat, the web release of cyberpunk duo Angelspit’s EP promises to tear a cruel hole in the face of Sydney gothic/industrial music.” – Sydney Gothic
Angelspit’s latest release ‘Nurse Grenade’ smashes the industrial mould hammering the way into new territory and the future.”  – Peccavis



  • Maggot
  • Fuck Fashion
  • Head Kult
  • Infect
  • Meat
  • Nurse Grenade
  • HeadFuck (Head Kult Remix by Zoog Von Rock)
  • Psychic Vampire(Angelspit Remix of Ikon’s “Psychic Vampire”)
  • I Feel Disease (Angelspit Remix of Angel Theory’s “I Feel Disease”)
  • Shit Fed (Angelspit Remix of Anxiety Whispers’ track “Spoon Fed”)

Nurse Grenade Purchase links
>> Nurse Grenade physical CD
>> Purchase Nurse Grenade MP3 Album


Surgically Atoned – Krankhaus Remix CD

16 killer remixes from Angelspit’s first album ‘Krankhaus’.  30th of January, 2007


  • 100% (110% Fucked Mix) – Combichrist
  • Create Desire – The Mercy Cage
  • Vena Cava – Ego Likeness
  • Make You Sin – Diverje
  • Wreak Havoc – Stromkern
  • Juicy – Tankt
  • Wolf – Angelspit
  • Scars And Stripes – The Process Void
  • Get Even – The Crystalline Effect
  • Dead Letter – Angel Theory
  • 100% – The Tenth Stage
  • A La Mode, A La Mort – Angelspit
  • Elixir – The Tenth Stage
  • Scars And Stripes (n0nplus Remix)
  • Create Desire (Inject Remix by The Mercy Cage Remix)
  • Elixir Pill Binge (Angelspit Remix)

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UPC: 687132660120