Celebrate the Dystopian Future with Lorelei Dreaming's
debut release "Banshee" !

Chicago siren Lorelei Dreaming teams up with Angelspit's Zoog Von Rock to produce 'Banshee - Lorelei's debut 5 track EP with 11 bonus remixes.

Lorelei has recorded, played live and recorded with bands such as Angelspit, Velvet Acid Christ, Go Fight and St. Griselda.

"The future is uncertain - but what is certain is that music and dance will continue to be integral to our community in the face of adversity. Now more than ever, we need to celebrate our diversity and come together through dance and music. The grim future never sounded so good!"
- Lorelei

"We both love Gary Numan, Goldfrapp, Depeche Mode - future pop with a twist of darkness, which we call Dystopian Future Pop. We're working to create music based around what Laura naturally does, vocals that are a little sultry and ethereal."
- Zoog Von Rock, Angelspit

The songs of Lorelei Dreaming hinge on mischief, dissent, pushing out ever further, and at times get glibly political.
More information on Lorelei Dreaming's debut EP 'Banshee' here.


01: Scream With Me
02: Volcano
03: Edge Of The World
04: Echo Chamber
05: Parachute of Gold


06: Volcano (Seeming Remix)
07: Echo Chamber (The Sweetest Condition Remix)
08: Edge of the World (Edge of Arrakis mix by Stoneburner)
09: Parachute of Gold (Blacklight Remix by The Rain Within)
10: Scream With Me (The Dead Room Remix)
11: Volcano (DJ Addambombb Remix)
12: Echo Chamber (Iris Remix)
13: Parachute of Gold (Planetdamage Remix)
14: Edge Of The World (Digital Gnosis Remix)
15: Echo Chamber (Adventu Impar Remix)
16: Scream With Me (Go Fight Remix)


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