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Author: Zoog

NEW VIDEO – SKY HIGH. Directed by Chris Davis (Humantwelve)


Angelspit scores sponsorship with World’s number one Energy Drink – SKY HIGH

Join us in celebrating Angelspit’s partnership with SKY HIGH, the biggest energy drink in the World.
Our global endorsement with energy drink SKY HIGH launched today. SKY HIGH has taken Japan, Europe and Australia by storm and will soon be served across the USA. A refreshing burst of taste with a rejuvenating burst of energy!

From SKY HIGH CEO, Alan Smithee:
“SKY HIGH is more than a refreshing taste, it’s pure energy to get you through life, just like Angel’s Pit. What a band! Super high energy…just like SKY HIGH, they are the best thing I’ve heard come out of New Zealand since Die Antwoord”

“People are so jealous about our sponsorship with the NUMBER ONE energy drink on Earth…but i say F#$K THEM – I just want more people to drink SKY HIGH – it gives me the energy boost I need!…’coz just like Rehannon says, ‘haters gunna hate’…but she doesn’t drink SKY HIGH, so F%*K HER too…!”
– Zoog Von Rock, Angelspit.

Enjoy SKY HIGH’s first American commercial featuring Angel’s Pit:

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ANGELSPIT USA 2016 tour Announced!


ANGELSPIT with Special Guests Die Sektor and The Dead Room

Electro Industrial act Angelspit launches their assault on the USA next week!
Supporting Angelspit on this tour will be fellow EBM acts Die Sektor and The Dead Room.
Angelspit have once again re-inventing their live show – this time using manic projections, abrasive UV lighting and live video mashing to create an explosive stage show.
Angelspit will be performing many tracks from their latest album CULT OF FAKE (released through Negative Gain Productions) plus their most requested tracks.



Translated from Croatian.

All in all, Cult of Fake is a very good album, and is a stand out piece of work for Angelspit.

Exactly ten years after the publication of his first official album (Krankhaus, published 06.06.2006.), “New school” industrial project Angelspit released his new album entitled Cult Of Fake“. This is also their sixth studio album, not counting Nurse Grenade in 2004 that for some reason the water as EP.

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James DePaolo from Infrared Magazine gives “Cult of Fake” 9/10

Sometimes it is just cool to know that we are not alone, get fucked up and dance around like the world bows to us. This is the soundtrack to your best days. Pick this record up.
– James DePaolo, Infrared Magazine

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angelspit-cof-0500Sonic Seducer talks with Zoog about Angelspit’s new album Cult Of Fake.

Don’t let your job destroy your soul! Have a REASON to go to work…art, family, something important. Focus on the bigger picture and remember that life is AWESOME!
– Zoog Von Rock

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Ilker Yücel, the genius behind ReGen Magazine books Zoog Von Rock for a 30minute phone interview…3 hours later, they’re still going…

An InterView with Zoog Von Rock of Angelspit By (Ilker81x)

For a whole decade, Angelspit has stood as a singular entity in the electro/industrial music scene, characterized by aggressively crunchy beats, caustic electronic textures, unorthodox songs structures, and driven by socio-politically charged lyrics that stem from front man Zoog Von Rock’s in-your-face punk sensibilities. Since the band’s 2006 Krankhaus debut, the lineup has changed, but the band’s sonic and lyrical vocabulary has stayed the same, embracing edgy fashion and varying styles of electronic music to create a unique style that is identifiably Angelspit. For the band’s sixth album, CULT OF FAKE, Von Rock took things in a different direction; still true to the virulent and distorted industrial clanks and clatters of the past, CULT OF FAKE took a heavy influence from modern dance music, incorporating elements of techno and EDM in a way the band’s music had only hinted at before to create what Von Rock has referred to as “the soundtrack to ‘Hell Yeah!’” Funded via a successful Kickstarter campaign, CULT OF FAKE also looked back to the band’s past with the infusion of sounds and samples from Krankhaus, serving as a keen reminder of where Angelspit has been, how far the band has come, and how much further things have yet to go. Taking the time to discuss his music with ReGen, Von Rock speaks about the development of Angelspit’s musical identity over the course of the last decade to culminate in his latest outing. With topics ranging from classic science fiction and political history to the breaking down of the industrial scene, Von Rock declares loudly and proudly, “Fuck Art! Let’s Dance!”

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Zoog talks about Angelspit’s new music video for NEW DEVIL

If you want to control the herd, slaughter the rogue cattle first.
-Zoog Von Rock


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Italy’s angelspit-cof-0500Ritual Magazine talks with Zoog about Angelspit’s new album Cult Of Fake.

It’s ok to accept that the “system is fucked” – it’s always been fucked. It’s NOT OK to accept that we are powerless to change it….and we can change it!
– Zoog Von Rock



angelspit-cof-0500Vampire Freaks talks with Zoog about Angelspit’s new album Cult Of Fake.

The problem is greed and need to manipulate. Some people take “survival of the fittest” to an extreme and use it as an excuse to destroy others. Ironic how it has become a dogmatic religious doctrine.
– Zoog Von Rock

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angelspit-cof-0500Nataliez World talks with Zoog about Angelspit’s new album Cult Of Fake.

I am not afraid to experiment. I know the audience is smart and willing to hear something new. I do not care about the “marketing expectations” that have been put in place by DJs and labels. Let’s do something exciting and different. We are not bound by rules.
– Zoog Von Rock.

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